• Parents must be given to understand that they cannot dictate to the Management but that the Management has a right to say on what condition they will admit or retain pupils in their institution.(Secondary School Code)
  • In order to secure all that is best in the education of their child, the College expects the maximum co-operation of the parents especially to ensure that their children:
    • Come to College regularly, punctually & are dressed in the College uniform, clean & neat;
    • Bring to College their books and note books whichshould be properly maintained;
    • Prepare their lessons and do their homework regularly.
  • Parents are also expected to co-operate with the College Authorities by taking active interest in ensuring that the rules laid down on these pages are adhered to by their children. In particular they are understood to have entrusted the Principal with authority to correct and punish their children at his discretion.
  • Parents are expected to look into their children’s Diary daily. Daily home work, teacher’s remarks, occasional reports are conveniently noted down in the Diary.
    • Not wearing the correct uniform.
    • Repeatedly forgetting to bring books or coming to College without doing their home work.
    • Not paying an explanatory note from their parents for their absence.
  • If the parents feel that their children are not making the desired progress, they should contact the Principal. If there is real need of a private tutor, after consultation with the Principal. Parents should make sure to engage a tutor who is familiar with methods adopted in this college.
  • Criticism of a child’s teacher in his presence should be studiously avoided, because it causes the consequent failure to learn from him or her. Parents should see the Principal if they have any legitimate complaint.
  • During College hours parents are not allowed to see their children or interview teachers or visit the class-room or walk about in the College premises. They need permission from the Principal to do so. Appointment to meet a teacher may be arranged before hand.
  • Should there be any infectious / contagious disease at home, the parent should notify the fact to the Principal at once, and should not send their children to College till the danger of infection has passed.


The parent-teachers meetings are organised by the School Management at frequent intervals to give access to the parents / guardians to have an interaction with the teachers to discuss about the the academic progress of their wards, to know the initiatives taken by the students in the cocurricular activities and to know the behavioural attitude of their wards. The mutual co-operation of the parents and teachers will foster the needs and requirements of building-up of life of students.

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